Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday Mom!!!!
(only a week+ late)

Okay, so this post is way past due, thanks to my unexpected visitor last week, Vince the Virus. You, sir, overstayed your welcome. Seeee ya!

Anyway, back on to the message.
Wishing my sweet Mama (who, on her own birthday took such great care of me via cell phone and email 90 miles away) a wonderful new year! Thanks for being my confidant, culinary advisor, prayer buddy and unconditional friend. God has blessed me and my family with one heck-uv-a Mom, certainly the kind I can only hope to be one day!

To celebrate, this past Sunday Dad, Mom, Ash and Mabry (Scott was out of town for a conference) drove up and met Jordan, Reg, Brooke and I in Grapevine for brunch. We ate at this neat spot called Tuscany. Can you say food coma. It was deelish. What a fun day we had, even though their stay was far too short.

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not as quiet as I thought...

Okay, so hubs and I finally went to see Marley and Me this past weekend (isn't he a dear for taking me to such a sap-fest?). I have been dying to see it, and at the same time ignoring all warnings from friends and family that I'd be a wreck...and to just wait for it to come out on DVD. But no....I insisted we go to see it in the theater, big screen-style.

So, we went to the dinner-movie place in Colleyville, which helped sell the idea to the hubs, since he could have a beer during this suredly sappy movie.

Anywho, to make a long and rambling story short, I must have been doing such a poor job at muffling my tears, sniffles and...okay....I admit....sobs, that one of the theater waiter folks brought me a huge bag of popcorn rights towards the end of the show (not at the beginning, when I'd have time to enjoy it, literally like 5 minutes before the show ended), for no reason at all. Well, let me rephrase that, for no reason at all, to me. Jordan seems to think it was for a very good reason, so that I might munch on the popcorn and perhaps silence my sobs. I choose to think she just felt sorry for me.

Either way, I was a wreck, a blubbering goofball. BUT, I must mention that I am due a certain monthly visitor (did I just type that) anyday now, and feel most certain that attributed to my weepy emotional experience.

Did anyone else out there get as choked up over this dear, dear movie? I mean, I know I am a dog lover, but geez, this was nuts!!! A great flick, but perhaps one better to be viewed in the privacy of one's own home :).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gatorade and 7 Pricks

Question: What do Gatorade and 7 pricks have in common?

Answer: Not enough, and too much.

Been fighting (and losing) this virus battle since Sunday night.

My doc called in some anti-nausea meds for me on Monday, only to find the stuff makes me more nauseous.

After trying to wait this mean thing out for 3 more days, I returned to the doctor again this afternoon to get to the bottom of this. I mean, seriously, 4 days and still not better? After getting a new anti-nausea medicine (please, please work this time), I headed into the lab tech's office, only to be pricked 7, yes 7 times by the lab tech and doctor himself, in attempts(read failed) to draw blood. Evidently the gallons upon gallons of Gatorade I have been so diligently downing are not helping to hydrate me, thus making blood drawing oh-so-lovely (insert major sarcasm).

Alright, enough pitty partying for tonight, I am off to the couch again. At least The Office and Grey's are on tonight.

Crossing my fingers and saying a selfish prayer I am feeling better tomorrow and able to get into the office.

Steer clear of any germs peeps, this is brutal!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's that I hear? And what's that I smell?

Wait, I think I hear bells ringing?
Sniff, sniff...and what's that smell in the air? I think it smells like love?!? IS love, and there ARE bells ringing....

Reggie and Brooke are engaged!!!!

My oh-so thoughtful and creative brother surprised Brooke early yesterday morning by waking her up and telling her to pack her bags because their flight left in 3 hours!

Off to Northern California they the wine country.

He rented this cute cabin on a winery/vineyard for the weekend.

The cabin Reg found for them at the Goldeneye Winery

I mean seriously, how friggin' romantic!

Anywho, I got the call this a.m. that the question had been asked...and that the reply received had been - YES!!!

Congrats to my bro and soon-to-be sis-in-law on your engagement!

We are all truly thrilled for you guys and love you both!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm in love with another man...

Jordan knows all about him, I've already fessed up every detail. It's an older man I've fallen for....'s Mr. Clean!!!

Ha! I got your attention, didn't I ?!?!?

Have any of you discovered the greatness that is Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser?

OMG. These things are ingenious!

I don't know about y'all, but our house has a million and one scuff marks, whether they be on doors, baseboards, walls, etc...and they bug me!

Well, have no fear and be bugged no longer...the hottie bald man has come to my rescue with his super, duper, oh-so-fabulous Magic Eraser. Wet with water and then rub on problem area(s) and...presto-magico!!! This thing makes everything look as good as new.

Okay, I am done being waaaaay too over the top about a household cleaning product.

Although most of y'all are too shy to comment, if any of you DO have any other great finds, (i.e. sham wow, snuggies, dr trimmer/mower) please share!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I can't touch my toes

It has been 3 days since the husband and I tackled yard work, which included trimming crepe myrtles as well as raking and bagging leaves...and I still can't bend down to touch my toes or get up from my desk at work normally. I have thus made an executive decision, that I am calling the yard fairies to come out next time. End of story.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

A True Classic know... my Dad!!!
Happy 60th Birthday to You, Daddy! (Dad, do you even read this thing?).

My Dad - an incredible man, loving husband, genuine friend, faithful believer, supportive father, an ever- listening ear, comfortable shoulder to lean on...just an all around great guy!!!

Here's to you Ronald Gene...may you know what a blessing you are to each and every one of your friends and family.

This Saturday we really pulled off a great fete, throwing my Dad a Surprise 60th Fiesta. I still can't believe we really had him going. He.Was.Shocked. It was a wonderful night for Dad and Mom, shared with family and great friends, most of which go back 30+ years. ( I can only hope to have the same great circle of friends 30 years from now...holy moly).

The Fam

Dad and some buddies
Mabry and Cici (my Mom)- Two Amigos!

Look at what a stud my Dad was! Sic 'Em Bears!!!!

I really think I need 2 hats to really have fun!

Mabry loves her some balloons...especially after bedtime! many more fun times celebrating a great man. We love you, Daddy!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

What a fun, yet cozy time NYE 2008 was!!!!
Dinner at Momo's with 7 other couples followed by a low-key gathering at Bobby and Kristen's absolutely fabulous, new home.
How fitting... to end a great year with great food and great friends!

The Ladies after dinner at Momo's

Amy,myself and Jen

Kami and I

Me and the hubs

I love the hope of a New's like a ball of renewed energy, motivation and our best intentions, all rolled into one and gifted to each us as we embark on a New Year.
Here's to 2009...and all that it may hold!!!!