Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stop! 'Bama Time!

It was as though the stars had all magically alligned...all 9.5 of us (baby boy Warren's baking)were actually able to coordinate our calendars and find a week to get away for a much-needed beach vacation. It took some major planning ahead, but we snagged a week, then secured a beach house to invade and call our own for a week...The Blue Parrot...Gulf Shores, Alabama...also known as The Redneck Riviera :).

Background: We vacationed in Gullf Shores 2 years ago with the whole clan and just loved it. We'd been many, many years ago when I was in Jr. High, but not returned since. We fell in love with the Alabama side of things as it's a little less crowded than Destin, but with the same great water, sugar sand beaches and deelish restaurants. Honestly, though, how could you not like a beach location? A beach is a beach is a beach and is better than a concrete jungle and the daily work grind any day.

Okay, fast forward to 2009. Sorry got a little off track there.

Mom and Dad made the long trek with the Yukon loaded to the brim, think Griswolds Family Vacation. Bless their hearts. They thought of it all, packed it all and had every need or want covered.

Brooke, Reg, Jordan and I took an early a.m. flight out and Ash, Scott and Mabry flew out a bit later that day. By 3:30 on Saturday afternoon, we were all in our suits getting our first bit of beach lovin' in. Talk about making the most of your time :).

The beach house was perfect and sat directly on the beach with its own pool, which was more like a bathtub at times due to the 125 degree temps. It was the ideal set-up for little Miss Mabry. When she'd had enough of sand and sea, we could transfer her to the pool and voilah...we had a happy camper all over again.

We ate well (of course, duh, it is vacation) dining on yummy seafood at some our of favorite spots. One night we ate in and feasted on a scrumptious margarita chicken sandwich dinner courtesy of Brooke and Reg. Man, that girl can cook!!!

We played well. I got a little frisbee 101 from my dad and I am sure the whole group appreciated his concerted I was all over the place. But com'on, there was wind people. I am sure that was why my frisbee never went were I intended...uh huh, yeahhh....right.

Mabry loved the sand and managed to get it in places her Mom and Dad didn't know possible. Wow what a difference 2 years makes. She wanted nothing to do with sand or sea in 2007, but this time she was a beach babe, all the way! And the ocean...that's a funny story too. She'd grab a handful of sand and go running towards the waves at full speed screaming "Arhhhh, it's time to feed the ocean!". The fellow beach go'ers around us must have been scratching their heads a bit. She was hilarious!

We attempted some sand castles but quickly discovered we did not have the skills. My castle towers looked more like bee hives. Maybe next time...

Each night after dinner the whole crew (sans Mabry) would put our game faces on and gather 'round the dining table for an intense game of Mexican Dominoes, a family favorite. A little friendly competition and ribbing always does a body good. Thick skin required and no emotions on your sleeves at this table folks :). If you must know...I came in last a lot!

I think that when you come home from vaca and don't have a lot of pics from your trip it's a true sign that you were having a ball and were totally relaxed and unplugged. Anyhow, below are some pics. They don't capture the week as well as I'd like, but are pics nonetheless.

Thanks to Mom and Dad for yet another wonderful beach vacation. I feel so fortunate to have such a close group of siblings, spouses, niece and my parents, of course, to enjoy vacation with. I am officially in vaca withdrawl and longing for the Blue Parrot Paradise.
'Til next time....I'll just close my eyes and see if I can still feel the sand in between my toes and hear Mabry's squeels of delight and excitement?!? Ahhh...I am SO there.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hang On to Yer Hat, Folks!

This cowgirl had better hang on to her hat!

There's a new cowBOY comin' to town...and he's gonna be yer brother!

Congrats Ash and Scott! We are so excited for your newest addition, due to arrive late October.

We are praying for a smooth next couple of months for both mama and baby.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I am going to put it out there...

My vote/guess/wish for who Jillian is going to should pick to be her prince charming...


But, as we all know far too well, ABC's producers are pretty dern conniving and love to rake in the ratings, so I am sure that somehow, Jillian will end up with someone like, ehhh, Wes (bleh!).