Friday, May 21, 2010

In a holding pattern

Okay, so I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the past few weeks I have begun to feel as though I am in some sort of holding pattern.  It is like I can’t think about, plan or look at anything past July 13th (or whenever our little guy decides to come).  Is this normal? 
It is nearing summer, and I just feel so out of sorts.  No vacation planned.  No long weekends with friends somewhere or trips down to Jordan’s family beach house. 
Going out to eat is not the same.  Getting dressed is certainly not the same.  Sound sleeping is now a distant memory.  Concentrating at work and planning/working deals more than 6 weeks out is impossible.
It is as though my whole life is gradually changing, preparing me for baby, right before my very eyes, but without the sweet, tiny, snuggly reward just yet.
Don’t get me wrong here, I am absolutely thrilled for him to get here and wouldn’t trade a minute of this pregnancy for “the good old days”, but at the same time, he is not here yet, and I have yet come to know and feel that indescribable joy that everyone tells me having a baby brings.
I know his arrival will wash away all of what my old “normal” was. But until then, I feel like I am just up in the air, circling the airport, waiting for a runway to open…in a holding pattern.
Anyone know the feeling?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thank you, thank you very much…

Wow!  Another weekend and another wonderful day leaving the hubs and I ever thankful for such wonderful friends.  This past Saturday my bestie Kami and sis/bestie Ash threw Jordan and I a Couples Baby Shower.  
The hostesses with the mostesses

These two gals know me about as well as anyone and went out of their way to put the perfect touches on the day for us.

It was at one of our favorite spots, the patio at Manny’s.  Can you say yum?!?  And it didn’t rain.  Can you say hallelujah?!?

They had my favorite fleurs, hydrangeas, and a delicioso cake from Society Bakery, that came draped with plenty of buttery, sugary goodness…aka icing (my absolute favorite part of any cake!)



So many of our good friends (many of which we don’t see near often enough) came out to help us celebrate Walker.  It was wonderful.  A few of our friends even brought their little munchkins, too, which was SUCH a treat! 

Below are some pics from the shower.  Let me please take this time to ask that you give props to this blogger who has officially reached the point of her pregnancy that she detests any and all photos of her.  Bleh, bleh, bleh.

BUT, noooo, I am STILL going to post them on here because they capture pics of this special, special time for Jordan and I and have lots of dear friends in the pics.  So, forget vanity. I am playing for team reality.

010 006 043 036 012
Poppa, Cici, Mimi and Peeps (the grandparents)

Walker’s 3 future girlfriends ‘ mamas.  Babies everywhere!!!

I guess we didn’t get the black and white attire memo :) . Cute girls!

013 051
Mimi, Jordan and Peeps (Jordo’s parents)

The uncles

063  Cici, Aunt Ash, Aunt B and Mimi
surrounding Walker with love :).

Thanks again to two very special ladies in my life, Ashley and Kami, for throwing Jordan and I this special shower.  We feel truly blessed to have such an amazing group of family and friends loving on us and our little guy during this super exciting time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trying a new blog post thingy out…

So when I was on Facebook this morning I saw a gal comment that she uses Windows Live Writer for blogging, which you can directly post to your blogger account. She said its way more user friendly. So, what did I do? I immediately went and checked it out, downloaded it, and am now giving it a whirl as I type this random no point post…but I am already hooked!

Check it out for yourself ladies…

I think I may now have no reason for blog slacking, other than my lack of content to contribute :).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's in a name?

Well folks, we have finally decided on a name and are going to friggin' stick with it this time!  I have been so bad about going back and forth...wishy washy a tad bit you might say.

But, alas, our firstborn has a name. Yahoo!

Jordan and I cannot wait to welcome...WALKER GENE YOUNG into this world.

We love you little man and simply cannot wait to meet you!

Background on the name...nothing too profound about it really.

Walker - just because we liked it.  AND, since my name is always shortened, (even when I introduce myself as Kimberly, like on a work phone call or email, peeps respond back, "hey Kim").
I...we...okay mostly just I, here, am hoping Walker won't be shortened, other than with endearing pet terms or nicknames by his mama, papa and/or close buds. Shortened just not changed permanently :):). 

Gene - it is Jordan's middle name, his dear grandfather's first name, my dad's middle name and my brother's middle name.  Crazy huh, 4 Gene's in our families!

So....Walker Gene it is!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Showered with Love...

This past weekend Jordan's side of the family were so kind and threw a shower for me...well, us..., actually,  for our little dude :).

Jordan's Nana, Aunt Tammy and Cheri went all out.  From decorating everything so perfectly blue and baby, to preparing some absolutely deelish foods, it was such a wonderful day and I was completely overwhelmed by everyone there's graciousness.

I guess I must be extremely hormonal and sentimental, but I was seriously so touched by the entire day.  And goodness gracious great balls of fire, if a shower doesn't make the whole pregnancy thing feel "real," then by gosh, I dunno what will. 

I was talking to my gal pal, also lovingly known as my PP (prego partner), Sarah afterwards, and she, too, had her 1st shower on Saturday.  We were both commenting on just HOW overwhelmed the whole day made us feel.  Whew, glad she said the same thing. I was beginning to think maybe I was having issues?!?!
I can't even elaborate or make sense of why I had the feeling, all I know is I just couldn't quite process it all afterwards. Mama's out y'all recall having that same feeling?

I mean, he really is COMING! And sooner rather than later!!! 

Mostly, I think YAY!!!! And little bit o' me thinks WHOAHHHH!!

Below are some pics from the day. 

The spread. Deelish.

Jordan's aunt Tammy, Cheri, Me, Nana, my Mama and Ash

A moses basket full o'goodies!

Me and my baby daddy

The sweets...yumm!!

Mama, Me, Ash

Can you say WHOAAHHH Belly?!?!?