Monday, August 31, 2009

Sprinkled with Love

This past weekend my sister's best friend Lois, my mom, Brooke (sis-in-law-to-be) and I all threw Ashley a Sprinkle* to celebrate the upcoming debut of sweet, baby Miles.

* still with lots of love, just not a shower (as with 1st babies), but rather a sprinkle.

It was such a great day! Ashley's nearest and dearest all drove in (except for Jamie, she was local) for the day to celebrate. It was a quaint group of girls and I think everyone had good time, and most importantly, I think it was a relaxing time for the Mama-of-2-to-be :):).

We started out with pedicures accompanied by mimosas and funny conversations about this and that. We were all laughing at just how IN the know everyone is about everyone else's bizness, thanks to Facebook. Maybe a little too in-the-know?!?!

After the pedis we headed to Sironia for a scrumptious lunch. Scott brought Mabry for the lunch portion of the Sprinkle. She was so excited to be a part of the special day for Miles, especially to be lunching with the ladies, she was such the big girl.

We ended lunch with cupcakes from Sprinkles followed by some gift opening by Ash, along with her " I couldn't have done it without you" helper, Mabry. Insert huge wink, wink here ;). It was special to see how protective Mabry already is of Miles. She was sure to show everyone what her Mommy was getting for her baby brother, and how it was only for Miles, just for Miles. It was important stuff, people :). She was too, too cute.

In one of the pics you'll see a clothesline with onesies, shoes, a bib, etc...hanging. Mom and I were brainstorming ideas for decorating the lunch area and hanging the clothes came up. Well, my sweet dad volunteered and proceeded to construct that thing himself, from scratch, cut, sanded, painted, the whole bit. Plus, he even came to help set-up and take down all of the party stuff.

My mom created the cute boxes with the neat-o ribbon, flowers, stuffed animal and lovey. Brooke brought all of the bubbly and cupcakes from Dallas. Lois was in charge of the uber-cute invites. It was such a fun, fun time putting it together for Miss Ash!

We are all very excited to meet Miles in just a few, short weeks. He will be here before we know it! I am so thankful for a wonderful day spent with a great group of girls honoring Ashley and Miles. Now bring on the blue :).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mini-Vaca/Weekend Get-Away!

This past weekend Jordan and I hijacked our dear, dear friends Darin and Kami and decided to get the heck outta Dodge (what does that expression mean, anyway?).

Jordan's parents have a house on the bay in the sleepy, beach town of Rockport ,TX (it's 30 minutes from Corpus Christi).

S0...after weeks and weeks of crazy, hairy, stressful days, we thought some r&r and a slower pace sounded like the perfect way to spend a long weekend.

We flew out Thursday night. Barely. We were to leave out of Dallas and had a connecting flight in Houston and whatdya know, they shut the dern Houston Hobby airport down because of T-storms. Oh NOOOO!!!! But, alas, after a few hours of chillin' at jam-packed Love Field, our wishes came true, and we were Rockport-bound!

I would post pics and go into great detail about the trip, if 1) I had taken any pics or 2)we'd had a full itinerary. Nope. Fraid not folks. This weekend was all about doing a wholotta nuthin'!

View of the back of the house from across the inlet

Our long weekend consisted of 1 trip to the grocery for essentials (dips, chips, snacks, beverages) and reluctantly getting cleaned up each night to venture out for dinner to MoonDog's on Friday and Los Comales on Saturday.

The bulk of our days were filled with sleeping in, catching some rays, lounging in the pool, fishing off the dock, hilariously watching the boys attempt kayaking (they eventually synchronized themselves) and last, but not least-vegging out!

We had a wonderful time. It's as though when you pull into the driveway there, you leave all thoughts of work, stress, blah, blah, the curb.

We can't wait to get back to slower-paced times in Rockport again, soon. Until then...we shall live to fight another day in the rat race that is life as we all know it. Yes, reality sure does stink sometimes, that's for sure!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Kinda Camp!

This past weekend I had quite possibly one of THE most memorable times I've had in a long, long time. Jordan and I had the opportunity to head to Cowboys Training Camp in good 'ole San Antone.

Jordan's work does a good bit of advertising with one of the TV networks here in DFW, and we were invited to go with them as guests.

We all flew down on Sunday early morning. All of the guys headed straight to the links for the sweatfest that is golfing in San Antonio, Tx at 12noon in the middle of August (ummm, no thanks). I, being the far more intelligent one (I kid, I kid), opted to stay at the hotel and enjoy me a little R& massage style! It was such a treat!!!

That evening the group (13 or so of us) headed to dinner and were joined by the lead Sportscaster for the network. We all noshed on some yummy Mexican fare while we heard the latest and greatest from training camp, the players, the whole dish...getting us pumped for our visit with Jerry and the players the following day. I was so giddy it was pathetic!

The next day we slept in and took it easy in the morning. Around lunchtime the group loaded onto our bus to head to a private lunch with the Jones clan at Mi Tierra. When we got there they had a back, private room for us with Cowboys paraphernalia adorning the table and walls.
Okay, as I keep going on an on and into way too much detail, its occuring to me that to anyone reading this post who's not a big Dallas Cowboys fan (is there such a thing?), this is probably getting pretty obnoxious. So, please, by all means, feel free to click elsewhere onto someone else's blog. I don't mind.

And back on track. Speeding things up a bit....

We enjoyed a great lunch and chatted up the Jones crew about who the big surprises were in Camp, the welcomed exit of the circus that was T.O., Romo's camp performance thus far, now that he's sans Jessica, Martellus Bennett and his new alter-ego Marty B., etc....But, for the most part, we talked some serious football and what their hoping/expecting/planning for the season in the new stadium.

After lunch it was back on the bus straight to....drumroll please....The Alamodome!

I cannot tell you how flippin' pumped I was at this point. Jordan was laughing at me, I was so excited (yes, I am fully aware that I am a nerd).

Jordan and I posing with Jerry

We got off the bus, get our VIP credentials and headed straight to the field as they were finishing up their Special Teams practice. Pretty soon, before my very eyes and within arm's reach, all of the guys were on the field running plays.

Martellus Bennett and Marion Barber chattin' up on the sideline

If you want a mental image of what I looked like, picture one of those Asians you see at Disneyworld with their camera and big grin on their face, snapping a million pictures a minute. Yep, that was me. I mean, I am Kim Young.

Ms. Price...she's like the team mom. Hilarious!!!!

At the end of practice we were given goody bags with shirts, caps, footballs and a sharpee pen for autographs. You shoulda seen me. I was like the paparazzi as I was going after the players asking them to sign my football.

I managed to snag, in no particular order: Marion Barber, Martellus Bennett, Patrick Creighton, Sam Hurd, Miles Austin, Wade Phillips, Mark Columbo, Jason Whitten., ummm, and maybe some others, but I can't recall.

I did track down Romo. He shed his jersey super quick (So as to not get noticed as easily I guess. Umm, hellooooo, you're Tony Romo. People would recognize you with a paper sack on, you nerd).

He was hanging around off to the far, far side of the crowd. I bee-lined it to him and walked straight up to him, football in hand and said "Hey Tony, could I get your autograph really quick?" He looked me straight in the eye, leaned in, like he was reaching for my football, then did this quick dart move, said "Gotta go!" and ran deep asking for a pass from some random teenage ball boy. Uggggh. In the words of Stephanie Tanner from Full House, "How rude!"

Romo warming up

Whitten, of course, was as nice as can be, which came as no surpise to me. He was polite, patient, conversational, etc...just an all-around friendly guy to a bunch of friendly eager fans. fav...Jason Whitten

All in all, it was a great, great day! I think I drove Jordan nuts on the flight home thanking him about twenty million times for making me his +1 for the trip. I loved every minute of it! What a cool, cool opportunity it was!

More pics below....

Romo calling a play during the 2 minute drills

Felix Jones taking a knee. Let's hope he stays healthy this year!

Good 'ole boy Coach Wade Phillips

Miles Austin and Martellus "Marty B." Bennett

My fav, Whitten, walking back to the huddle

How 'bout them Cowboys!

Here's to a great season ahead!!!