Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pizza, Magic and More!

This past Saturday afternoon, Jordan and I headed down to Waco to help celebrate Mabry's 4th birthday.

The party invite went a little something like this..."Pizza, Magic and More! Mabry is turing Four!!!".

I really hope as a mom I can have as good a pulse as my sister does on just what my kiddos will actually want (and not what the Mom wants or thinks will look the cutest) for their party. Not that it has to be over the top or crazy elaborate, but most importantly something your child will enjoy and something that won't stess me out preparing so much, that I don't even have a chance to stop and enjoy the moment(s).

Ash was dead-on for what Miss M loves.

It was at her favorite little pizza joint. They had a clown (Buster was her name and she was perfect and oh-so-age-appropriate) who not only was a clown, but also did magic and crazy balloon blow-up thingys. All of Mabry's little friends really seemed to love her.

I know it sounds sappy, but I just love days like Saturday. The kind of day that forces you to take time out and stop, amidst Christmas decorating, shopping, gift wrapping, parties, etc...and watch kiddos simply enjoy themselves. It was actually really refreshing.

Below are some pics from the day. It is hard to believe this little lady is 4! Well, if the truth be told, she's more like 4 going on 14 :).

I love you Mabry Liz!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Green and Gold at the Silver Star!

This past weekend the Baylor Bears headed North to take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders in Arlington at...drumroll please...Cowboys Stadium!

Many, many months ago my Dad got our whole crew some suuhhweet tickets sitting together to cheer on the Baylor Bears. It was SUCH a fun time!


Jordan and I had been to the stadium once before for a Cowboys game, but this time it was SO neat to see the stadium packed full of Green, Gold, Red and Black.

We played well and for a while there I thought we were gonna run away with a "W". But, sadly, in the end, Tech prevailed.

Regardless of the outcome it was still such a fun time with Mom, Dad, Ash, Scott, Reg, Brooke and Jordan.

Thanks Daddy for a wonderful day!!!! And no matter what...Sic'em Bears!!!!

Cruisin' the Caribbean- November 2009

Have you ever...

...procrastinated blogging because you'd let too much time and too many events pass by that you just didn't know where to begin or how to briefly recap?

Well, that's where I find myself...sighhhh.

Okay, so after the Project Runway post (see below), Jordan and I left on an amazing trip to Barbados where we cruised to St. Barths, Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada and Bequia (near St. Moritz). It was 10 wonderful days of R & R...much needed amidst selling (and PACKING) the house, construction of our new casa, the stress of work, and family illness.

Sadly, while we were away, we lost an incredible man in our lives. A man who has greatly shaped Jordan's being and the man he is today, from his values, work ethic, character...you name it... Jordan's grandfather, aka Papa, was truly a class act. Not to diminish his passing or skip over it, but rather to preserve Jordan's privacy I won't go into much more detail. But, be sure, he is most certainly missed, though undoubtedly smiling down on us from Above. We love you and miss you dearly, Papa.

Upon our return to reality we had a little over a week to pack up the house. Oh, don't you worry, it took us every single bit of the 10 days we had to get that dern house moved. Oh.My.Word. We had a wholotta stuff! Most of all though, we PRAISE God that our house sold! It was hours of packing and loading (ahem, Jordan did the actual loading), but we kept reminding ourselves that it was a means to an end.

Wondering where we went from our sweet, 1st home that we've come to know and love for 5+ years??? Well, just to add a little more crazy to the mix, our new home is still not finished and probably lacks 4-6 weeks more of work. Soooo, for the time being, we have put all of our things in storage and are living with Jordan's parents.

I am not sure who is making the bigger adjustment here? Jordan's parents, who have had no children in their house and are used to coming and going uninterrupted for quite some time? Or, Jordan and I who just went from a 4 bedroom home to a 1 bedroom "hotel" with a dog. It is a pretty dern great hotel, though. The kitchen and t.v are waaay better and the cleaning crew doesn't kick out in the mornings. He, he!!

All in all, we survived the month of Novemeber.

Now it's December (yikes!!) and time to embrace the quickly approaching Holiday. With deep breaths, lots of lists and jolly tunes on the radio I think I should make it through with a smile on my face and the Christmas spririt in my heart.

Next post promises to have pics...