Friday, February 20, 2009

I see London, I see France...

And across the pond to London and Paris we go!!!

We'll be back next Sunday, with pics and stories to follow :).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That's Amore!!!

This past weekend was all about love. I totally got to have my cake and eat it too, celebrating Valentines Day on Friday night with my best pal, favorite, bearded man -Jordan, followed by a weekend of Besties and Babies - Oklahoma City style :)

Friday night Jordan and I hit up our favorite 'lil sushi joint in Southlake, Sushi Sam. It was deelish, as always. We realized on Friday that we have been eating at Sushi Sam for nearly 7 years now. My, oh my, how I wish I could have had a tape recorder from the start, so we I could listen to how our dinner convos have evolved over the years. Who me? Sentimental? What ever gave you that idea?!?

And now, onto the Babies and Besties portion of my weekend :)

Saturday morning Leigh, Caroline, Alaina and Mason packed it up (without a single inch to spare) and headed out West to get me, and then, we were off, to the great state of Oklahoma! Feel free to join in singing....O!K!L!A!H!.......alright, alright, you get the picture.

Leigh was sandwiched, literally, between Mason and Caro in the back, taking on the tasks of bottles, baby food, paci's, etc.... I manned the wheel, and Alaina was a flawless assistant. Scalpel Burp cloth, check. Paci, check.

We arrived in OKC to our dear friends Jenna, Sarah, Ashleigh and baby Gage waiting in the yard with open arms. It was the first time to see Ash's gorgeous home and meet precious, tiny Gage. Shout out to Jenna for flying all the way in from are such a sweetie, and to Sarah, too, for making the flight from Houston, and cutting out of school with your kindies.

An afternoon of baby lovin' and catching up with my gal pals....awe, it was sheer bliss! That night Jenna whipped up her famous Chicken Chalupa and homemade salsa, accompanied by Sarah's new and highly addictive Cream Cheese Queso, topped off with Patty's magic dessert bars. I think it's fair to assume no one went to bed hungry that night. It was scrumptious:).

Okay, I will quit rambling and simply post pics from our fantabulous time together.

Mr. Mason after his bath. Those dreamy blue eyes are going to break many hearts one day ;)

We could end up with triplets- watch out Jordo :)

Jenna and sweet, handsome Gage. Quite possibly the chillest 6 week old baby on the block!

Sarah and Caro, who's looking pretty in pink. This little lady is a giggle box deluxe! Too cute!

Couch time with some cuties

Mason's looking to take a ride and Jenna is ready to go!

Alaina, Kimberly, Mason, Leigh, Caroline, Sarah, Jenna, Gage and Ashleigh

Here's to a wonderful weekend with those I hold so, so dear to my husband, my college besties, and now, their little lovies, too!

And yes folks, THAT'S AMORE!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Queen of Hearts

For nearly 2 years now all of our couple friends...okay, well only the female half....have been tossing the idea around of getting a Dinner/Supper Club started. We all know that everyone gets so busy, and before you know it, months have passed since everyone's gotten together. Plus, with many of our friends beginning families, the gatherings will undoubtedly become fewer and further between.
So....after many emails back and forth, we finally got a date on the calendar for the Innaugural Supper Club dinner, and that date was this past Saturday!!!
Kami and Darin co-hosted with Jordan and I at our house. The theme was Queen of Hearts, with cards and casino games to boot. The menu was Italian, and last but not least, the company was great friends!!!

One of the tables set for dinner

Sweet card from the arrangement my family sent for the event

Jordan is Bob Villa and Martha Stewart!

Kami's so crafty!

This is a close up of the cute Texas Hold'em Party favors and rhyme she wrote.

Jordan and Darin - Casino Dealers Deluxe!!!

With 22 people, we only had one red wine spill, and even then, have no fear, my ShamWow came to the rescue, leaving the carpet looking as good as new Sophie had left it (ahh, the memory of potty training a small dog.) Sorry, random tangent.

The parting shot - Jordan comforting Sophie, as she was simply exhausted as she tried to maneuver her way through 40+ extra feet on her turf.

All in all, the evening was such a fun time with wonderful friends. Can't wait for the next one!!!