Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dearly Beloved...

This past weekend was chock full of fun, family, friends, food....and LOVE!!! (tried to find another "f" word but came up empty).

Since their engagement last Winter I have been looking forward to and anticipating this past weekend and to celebrating Brooke and Reg and their wedding weekend!

We loaded up and headed South to Horseshoe Bay on Thursday to get the weekend started.

Brooke's parents have a home down there and kicked the weekend off by welcoming all of the guests with a Welcome Cocktail Dinner. The weather was great for patio dining, wine was divine (so I hear) and food deelish (now that I can attest to).

Friday morning the boys hit the links while the ladies had a delightful time celebrating Brooke and her maids...ahem, bridesmaids. I always love these little shindigs. They're so girly, lighthearted, serve tasty lady sandwich/salad treats and the Bride is surrounded by her nearest and dearest gal pals. A great way to start the day!

Friday night Mom and Dad hosted the Groom's dinner at this fun joint by the name of River City Grill. The party was on the deck overlooking Lake LBJ. We couldn't have asked for a better weather forecast that night, PLUS the Bears won the Sweet 16 that night, too!!! The band was fun, food was yummy (noticing a trend here, me enjoying the fare?!) and Reg and Brooke were just as happy as clams. It was a terrific time all around.

Saturday was The BIG Day!!! The boys golfed again (sheesh, they made me tired just stirring as their alarm clocks went off at such unheard of Saturday a.m. hours).

We lounged around all morning, had a leisurely brunch and took it easy 'til it came time to get all "dolled up". Reg came to our condo to get ready and I tell you what (how hick does that sound?), Reg was as calm and cool as I've ever seen. He was just so excited to SEE Brooke and get married. It was really too, too cute.

The ceremony was beautiful. The look on Reg's face when the doors opened and Brooke walked in was my favorite moment. They were both just beaming!!!

Sidenote...Mabry was one of 3 flower girls and they each provided the entire ceremony with continued comic relief. They had these flower lollypop thingys (see pic) and while Reg and Brooke were exchanging their vows, Mabry was doing a bit of a Bibbity Bobbity Boo routine patting Brooke's train with her flower lollypop and then leaning in and re-fluffing the train where she'd just bopped it. It was hilarious. Seriously. Hilarious.

The reception was immaculate. The fleurs, food, beverages..every single detail...was flawless; But, aside from all of the lovelies, it was really such a wonderful evening celebrating my big bro and his new bride. They were just floating, it seemed. Cheezy, I know. But, hey, I am a sappy, hormonally charged preggo chick these days, so mush is to be expected :).

I am a tad jell-o to not be sitting on a beach on my honeymoon right about now. Ahh, what a mahhvelous tradition the honeymoon is. I can remember it like yesterday. First you get to plan a weekend of parties full of fun and friends and family only to be followed by a week of vacation with just your honey. Can you say complete greatness!?!?!

To Reg and Brooke...I love you both to pieces and am so very thrilled for you both . Here's to the many years and memories to be shared together. Muahhh!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gearing Up

Okay lovely blog world friends, I am in need of all you little mama's out there. I am hoping you'll put your 2 cents, heck, drop 25 cents if you feel so inclined...about all the STUFF we need.

Yes, yes, it's about that time that the hubby and I venture out into the great unknown- the world of baby registering! We need to "gear up"!

I know everyone has things they have: loved, never ended up or barely used, wished they'd purchased/regisered for differently, etc...

And I am here to pick your pretty little brains :). He he. Do I sound like the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz?

Traveling systems(carriers and strollers). Yay or nay? I am leaning towards yay. If so, which one did you get? have you liked it?

Monitors. Video the way to go? I am thinking since our little guy will be upstairs that the video may be our new BFF.

Co-sleeper, bassinet, moses basket, or pack n' play thingy (for when he's little and/or sleeping downstairs and I want his nest to be mobile).

Jog strollers. The Bob, Baby Jogger?

Bottles. Dr Browns, Avent, etc...

Please, please feel free to comment and advise on anything else you feel so inclined to chime in on, the more info the better. I am hoping for information overload here ladies and gents. Who am I kidding, there is not one single male who admittedly reads this thing.

Sorry for a post with no pics. SO boring, I know :).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

21 Week Sono Pics of our Little Man

Pics from our sonogram yesterday below...

Please pardon my elementary attempt to edit the photo by inserting text to show you where things are on the image.

Basically this image is of his profile, shows his nose and mouth half-way open, a little bubble below his chin, his ear, and then his spinal cord and chest below. It is taken as though you are looking at him lying on his back.
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This one is looking down on him from above. His left hand is opened up, almost waving :).
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Last one is of his two feet. When I scanned this one in, one of his feet got pretty blurry. You can see one foot (the one on the left) pretty good though :).

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Monday, March 1, 2010

What I learned today...

Today was our doctor's appointment and sonogram to find out just who Baby Young is.

We had a wonderful visit and everything checked out great! Baby and I are still measuring right on track, at 21 weeks. Doctor is still guessing a July 13th'ish due date.

We got to see SO much on the sonogram. The little one was head down today. We saw the spine, rib cage, two feet crossed, femur bone, strong pumping heart, one hand behind its head, the other cuddled to its side. The hand on the arm cuddled to its side was fully open, and it looked like the little one was waving. Melt my heart. Little one even yawned a couple of times, too!! Again, melting me.

For now, their nose and profile looks sort of like me, but we know that will change a lot as baby puts more pounds on and really starts to take shape. The little one weighed 12 ounces today and had a heart beat of 141 bpm. Nice 'n strong.

Enough about details interesting only to the baby's mama.

Here's how the BIG reveal went down...

We had the sono tech keep the "he/she shot" a surprise during our viewing and also made sure Dr. W didn't tell us during our visit.

I handwrote a little note last night and had the sono tech fill in the blank and close it up nice and tight. No peeking for Jordan or I :):). After the appointment I headed to one of my fav little bakeries and handed the sweet lady my card (I had stopped by last week to tell her my cheesy plan, so she was expecting me). She went to the back and promptly iced some cupcakes for us with the appropriate color icing, pink or blue. She closed the pink box, tied it with a blue ribbon and sent me on my way. The smile on her face was adorable. I think she was almost as excited as me, he!he!

So...Jordan and I headed to our favorite dinner spot, Mi Cocina (duh), for dinner and to find out our surprise with the cupcakes as dessert. Let me tell you, that was the fastest we have ever eaten at Mi Cocina. Ever. We were just itching to dive into those dern cupcakes. It was as though the box was saying "open me! open me!"

So, at the same time I opened the card and Jordan opened the lid of the cupcake reveal...

Oh what a joy, it's a precious baby BOY!!!!!!

We are so thrilled and thankful for everything today. A good report for both baby boy and mama. We couldn't have hoped for anything more.

Next post will have some sono pics. (I still have to figure out our new scanner at the house :) ).

Thanks for those of you who've been praying for our sweet little one. It is the strangest feeling to now know WHO we are lifting up in prayer each day. Our son, our rough and tumble, mud on your face, mama's little man, daddy's outdoor buddy, sweet, baby boy.