Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smash Cake King

I have been to quite a few 1st birthday parties in the past few years and have taken note that there is a new must-do event that seems to take place at every shindig. I am sure you all know what I am referring to - the Smash Cake! The guest of honor gets their very own cake, covered with extra icing.

All of the family and friends gather 'round the little one (literally 1) and watch in anticipation as the tot surveys the situation. 1) why are all these peeps staring at me 2) why did mom strip me down to only a diaper in front of all of these peeps 3) what is this ginormous sugary smelling treat placed within arms reach on my highchair...4) who cares....i'm diving in!

This past Saturday was my oh-so-good friend Alaina's son Mason's 1st Birthday, and man, lemme tell you, he did not disappoint. They made him a giant cupcake for his smash cake and I have seriously never seen more blue icing atop one, single pastry item. Mason was destined for smash cake greatness!

Big Blue - the cupcake :)

Precious pic of Alaina and his birthday boy.

He went through the checklist of thoughts as noted above and then proceeded to scoot the cupcake a little closer, got his tiny hands wrapped around it...whatdoyaknow..Mason picked that beast up and tipped it straight onto his face...a competitve food eater in the making! It was hysterical! The whole thing plopped right into his lap! He was covered in blue! After Mom scooped it back up onto the tray, Mason continued to dive, literally, into the cake and seemed to really like what he found :). The whole party was dying laughing. As for Mason, naaahhh, he didn't even seem to notice the crowd anymore. He had blue on the brain.

Fun times!
A random, but must-add pic from the party of me snuggling with Miss Caroline.
Muwahh! (kisses)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fins, Margaritaville, Come Monday, Son of a Sailor...

My side of the family (minus Reg and Brooke) headed to Jimmy Buffett last night. It was our first time to see him and he did not disappoint. He was awesome!

He sang many of our favorites and suprised with some great, new tunes, too.

The crowd was hysterical and according to Ash "Second only to NASCAR in people watching."

This guy was part of the Fins (there were about 10 of them) who walked around the stadium the entire concert in a line, with fins that at times were lit up in red. They were hammin' it up for everyone!

A young Parrot Head

After a morning of rain, the clouds parted for a perfect evening filled with lots of boogying, dancing and singing along at the top of our lungs.

Dad said it was one more thing he could mark of his bucket list.

Mom and Dad's new BFF...this guy was 'very friendly'

Me and Ash and Mr. Friendly in the background, too :)

As we were leaving and laughing hysterically at some of the Parrot Heads who'd had a little too much fun, Jordan and I decided it reminded us of a Widespread Panic concert for grown-ups...with a little lot less dope.

Thanks again Mom for treating us to the concert. We had a ball!!! Can't wait to go again next time Jimmy and his crew roll into town.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Family Favorite Comes to Town

I am so super duper excited...the fam is heading to see the greatness that is Jimmy Buffett in concert tomorrow night!!!
Every since I was a wee little one, I can remember his laid back tunes playing in the background at our house...whether it be poolside or inside. We have always loved us some Buffett. Heck, he's our soundtrack for every vaca we take (even to the snow)...and my dad and I danced to one of his tunes at my wedding...we.are.fans.
I hope he plays some of his oldies, but goodies, and look forward to his newer fare too.
Let's hope the rain moves out in time, otherwise we'll be some soggy-bottom Parrot Heads, for sure!
Pics to come afterwards!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yep, folks, I did it! I intentionally and willingly refrained from watching The Hills last night. The husband and I were watching the Rangers when the timer countdown popped up on the screen that it was switching over to record in 2 minutes (DVRs peeps know what I am referring to). What did I do...ahemmm....I promptly cancelled it! I know, I know...it's only one week. But hey, you gotta start somewhere right? Husband even tried to test my will power and continued to ask, "Are you sure you don't want to switch over to The Hills? Just this once??? Are you suuuure?" So much for an accountability partner huh? I am never dieting with that dude!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I think I may have lost brain cells

Why is that, you ask (you were asking, right?)? Well, quite honestly, it's because of my behind-closed-doors habit of tuning into the trainwreck that is The Hills.

I seriously think I went to bed last night dumber than when I walked in the door from work yesterday evening.

Spencer's shenanigans....

Heidi's blinding blonde air and palatable bad acting...

...it is all just too much for me.


I, Kimberly E. Young, on this 7th day of April 2009, do hereby declare and promise that I shall no longer willingly and purposefuly subject myself, on weekly basis, to the fakery and narcissim that is The Hills.

I fully understand the consequences of my decision here. I know it means I will miss out on LC's pitty parties, Stephanie Pratt's post-meth'isms, as well as catching a glimpse of the "Seen and Be Seen" spots in LA that I never have any intention of visiting but still like to learn of. I know, I know, all of that will be lost.

BUT, what I will gain is those brain cells unnecessarily lost from tuning into 4 seasons of MTV's goldmine - The Hills.

There, I have said it.


Now, onto finding yet another mindless reality tv show to somehow let myself get sucked into...