Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweet Caroline... Oh! Oh! Oh!

I will praise You, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will show them all Your marvelous works!! Psalm 9:1

Saturday marked one very special day for the memory books! We celebrated Miss Caroline Craine Johnson's 1st birthday!!!

The party was perfect. Leigh and Russ thought of it all! Russ's dad's band kept the tunes a comin', all the neighborhood kids enjoyed the bounce house and slip n slide, tons of yummy food was devoured by the slew of well-wishers and some killer cupcakes loaded with..yep...icing :) made the rounds, too.

Caroline was as cute as can be in her pink and white, a true party girl dressed for the big occasion. Her dancing blue eyes and melt-your-heart giggle were proof that she was having a ball!

Gigglin' at her mama (not pictured) who was acting goofy, thinking, "Mama, you are sorta nuts".

Leigh, Caroline and Ashley enjoying the party and the perfect weather.

Caroline, Leigh and I after changing the "birthday treat" Caroline left for Leigh's mom while sitting in her lap. Now that will be a funny tale to tell, years from now, huh Leigh?!?

It was a great party honoring one special, little lady. We love you Caroline!!!

I thank my God every time I remember you.

Philippians 1:3

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scattegories comes to town!

UPDATE: Whatevs...guess nobody wants to play...

Okay, so I saw this on Facebook and filled it in...loving it btw...and it totally reminded me of one of my ALL TIME favorite family games....SCATTEGORIES! I have no idea how to do the Mr. Linky thing (like MckMama does for Not Me Mondays) but if you wanna play along...I guess just leave the address to your blogsite in the comments...come on folks...have some fun!!!

Rules: Copy the note below, erase my answers, write yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the questions. It has to be real things ... not made up! You cannot repeat any of the answers and you cannot use your name to answer questions 3 or 4. You cannot ask anyone for an answer!

K is for Kimberly

1. Your name: Kimberly
2. A four letter word: Kilt
3. A boy's name: Kris
4. A girl's name: Kayleigh
5. An occupation: Kitchen remodeler
6. A color: Kelly green
7. Something I put on: Knit shorts
8. A food: Kellog's rice crispies
9. Something you find in the bathroom: Kleenex
10. A place: Kentucky
11. A reason to arrive late: Knocked out stop light
12. Something I shout: Knock it off!
13. A movie title: Karate Kid
14. Something I drink: Koolaid (is that with a k?) (i dont drink it btw)ahh, i got it, Kettle one!
15. Something I give: Kudox (applause, compliment)
16. Something you purchase a lot: Kashi foods
17. Something I've never seen: Kaui (the hawaiian island)
18. Something I hate: Ketchup on anything other than fries
19. A part of your body: Knee
20. An insult: Know-It-All

Give it a try...K made it pretty tricky, for me, at least!

Monday, May 18, 2009

With NO Swine Flu, Let's BBQ!

This weekend Darin and Kami hosted a No-More-Swine-Flu-BBQ!

Although it poured down rain all day Saturday, the clouds cleared out just in time and left us with some nice, chilly temps to enjoy the evening outside with fun friends and tasty food.

Kami got super creative and made pigs in a blanket and put a little tag next to them that read "Swine Free Piggies." They were a hit!

What do you bring to a family friendly BBQ when you don't have kiddos yet...

...well, duh, your dog, of course!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's Go Mavs!!!

Last minute Jordan scored some tickets for the Mavs playoff game last night. Woop! Woop!

Although we went into the game trailing in the series 3-0...the Mavericks played some good ball and came out with a W in the end.

Darin and Kami came along to cheer and join in the Mavs Mania.

Man, oh man, was there some tension and animosity brewing in the crowd among Maverick fans the Nuggets fans and players' family members. Can you say crowd control? It was some great rubbernecking!

Fun times were definitely had, although it was waaaay past my bedtime (we didn't get home until 1:45am!!!) for a weeknight.

Yawn...stretch...and now back on task at work :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tiny Dancer

This past Saturday was Mabry's 1st ballet recital. She and her 3 other "classmates" all did great, set aside any hints of stage fright and twirled their little hearts away. Mabry was absolutely precious! She danced to a song by Josh Groban called 'Lullaby'. Ummm, yeah, a little bit of tear jerker, ya might say :).

Yes, and I thought I was videoing the whole thing, only to discover after the curtain went down that I had in fact paused the recorder during the entire dern thing.!

She looked like the perfect little ballerina with her tights, tutu, and hair put up tightly in a bun. She's teeny tiny...a long and lean sista!

Hamming it up afterwards with her Dad and Mom...aka Scott and Ash

Below is a snippet of Poppa (my dad) congratulating her afterwards and checking out her medal.

I can't wait for many more recitals, sports games, etc...

It sure is fun being the proud aunt!