Monday, June 21, 2010

Trimming – in more ways than one

Random, I know, but funny to me.
I have to post some pics of the trimming my main squeeze has been up to as of late. He is quite into grooming…the yard and his head.

Seeing as how our yard at the new casa has at least tripled,  Jordo is now officially a riding lawn-mower kinda’ guy.  This pic makes me start singing “I’ll take ya for a ride on my big, green tractor”…anyone else know the tune?


And then, there’s the other type of trimming my mister has been up to. 


I was thinking, hmmm, I suppose this is his summer ‘do; however Jordo has informed me that this is his new permanent ‘do. 

It’s funny, I thought it was the moms-to-be who usually tried to simplify things in their lives as parenthood approached. 

Jordan was bragging about how quickly he could get ready and out the door now.  I quickly replied “That’s great!  And since you’ll be so speedy you’ll have plenty of time to watch Walker while I am still getting ready!”

He! He! He!  Love you babe!


Jill Atkinson said...

Perfect response! He will have all the time in the world to pack diaper bags, change diapers, load car and baby while you put on the finishing touches! Your yard looks amazing! When do we get some pics of the house? I can't believe your counter says only 22 more days!! Can't wait to give a warm welcome to Walker!!!! His name ROCKS!!!! Is your belly morphing into some weird conehead shapes??

Ashley Franks said...

Please tell Jordan that Matt just did the same thing. He practically buzzed his head for summer. I don't understand the "summer cut". His was already short! I bet you can't wait to meet little Walker!!! Soon!!!

Daniel and Ashleigh Hansberger said...

Daniel too has his summer cut kickin, and we love the riding lawn mower at our house. Great way to entertain Gage on the weekends. He loves riding on the "tractor" with Dada! Can't wait to meet little Walker! So close!